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Professional Resource Network Senior Care was first organized in 2005 as a specialized division of Professional Resource Network, Inc. ("PRNI") to provide home health care services in assisted-living facilities rather than clients' homes.

PRNSC, LLC ("PRNSC") was established and licensed by the State of Minnesota on January 23, 2007 to provide high-technology skilled nursing care and home health aide services in assisted-living environments. PRNSC immediately began establishing the necessary corporate structure and documentation (policies, procedures, certification, documentation materials, etc.) to provide assisted-living home care services in preparation to assume operations from PRNI. In July 2007, PRNI officially transferred all its assisted living services to PRNSC.

PRNSC's corporate officers each have nearly thirty years' successful experience in health care services management, operations, marketing, technology, and reimbursement.

The future of PRNSC is clearly bright. With longer lifetimes and a growing percentage of seniors and the elderly in our population, a larger number of people in need will be competing for a limited number of caregivers. 


PRNSC, LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer.